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‘Ayan’ is full of action for Surya

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image In every film, Surya handles his risk moves as easy as eating rusk! In ‘Ayan’ he is supposed to have done some daring action scenes.

Produced by AVM, KV Anand directs ‘Ayan.’ The title also means one without comparison. Surya does the lead role with Tamanna as heroine. Now that the shooting is nearing completion, KV Ananda is waxing eloquent about Surya’s immense dedication.

“The incidents that happen after a young man leaves college, forms the story line of ‘Ayan.’ Writer Subha and I decided that every scene should appear natural. That’s why we have maintained a natural flavor to the scenes. Surya has excelled in some hitherto unseen action scenes. In a stunt scene shot in Africa , without a dupe he has acted on the edge of a 600′ carter. Conceived by Kanal Kannan, and with protection provided by director France Spillol, Surya completed the scene. Once a scene is explained to him, Surya is able to transform it to the character he is depicting in an admirable manner. This will be a big action film for Surya.

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