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Dhanush as Kamal Jr

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image Dhanush is also bitten by the bug to wear varied get-ups. In ‘Padikkadhavan,’ he wears a junior Kamal getup.

From ‘Thulluvadho Illamai’ to ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini,’ Dhanush has maintained his physique. He is afraid to put on weight as that would take away his adolescent looks of now.

He may bash up a 100 people in films but he maintains his lean frame instead of pumping iron to look like a body builder, and does a great job of the action scenes. Whether he acts as Prakashraj’s grandson or as someone who opposes Prakashraj, Dhanush still looks credible.

In his films, Dhanush never uses different getups, as he has deemed it unnecessary. But he has to also move with the times.

Nowadays, our heroes are getting popular with their various get-ups on screen. That’s the reason for Dhanush changing his opinion. He’s acting in ‘Padikkadhavan’ directed by Suraaj.

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