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The films I do should attract attention, not me: Divya

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image She may call herself as Divya Spandana but rasikas still love to call her Kuthu Ramya.

She tries hard to show in every film she does that she has acting talent, but people prefer to remember her glamour image. This has been giving her sleepless nights, so Ramya alias Divya has a request.

“I have surmounted many difficulties in my life.  I’m receiving many offers to do ads. I’m being selective with what I choose. More than my attracting attention, I want the films I do to attract attention. I’m not going to answer any implied questions. If I express an opinion, they blow it up in the press.

Without listening to the stories, I accepted some films because of friendship and respect. They did not do well. People speak about it, but why do they not speak about my hit films of 2008? After the success of ‘Polladhavan,’ I have worked hard for 2 years for ‘Vaaranam Ayiram.’ That some scenes have been cut is obvious but I’ve still made a good name and I’m satisfied. ‘Some actresses get crores as fees, would you raise your fee too?’ is what they ask me. 

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