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Yama in form of express train: Actor has narrow escape

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image Pasupathy has just escaped a fatal accident that has put the whole unit in shock.

Lakshmikantan is directing ‘TN07 AL4777′ produced by GV Films. It’s the Tamil remake of mega Hindi hit ‘Taxi.’ Pasupathy does Nana Patekar’s role. He is paired with Simran. Ajmal is the other hero. Meenakshi is the heroine.

Recently the shooting took place at Kanchipuram. The car driven by Pasupathy was to cross the railway track at the railway gate and the express train would smash into it. As the train neared the car, Pasupathy was to get out of the car and run and he was getting ready to shoot the scene.

As the train was spotted, the director called for action. Pasupathy accordingly got out of the car to run but tripped on the tracks and fell. As the shocked crew watched, Pasupathy managed to extricate himself in split second as the train sped past.

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