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‘Rayilu’ directed by Ranjith

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image Ranjith has finished directing a film titled ‘Rayilu’ that would surely win the approval of Lallu Prasad Yadav.

Ranjith made his directorial debut with ‘Bhishmar.’ The film won praise but hardly any money for Ranjith. But that did not faze him and he was happy to have made a good film. Now, after a period of time, he has once again been busy with directing a film.

‘Rayilu’ is a re-make of the Malayalam film ‘Sallapam’ directed by Lokidas. It was re-made in Telugu as ‘Egire Bavuramma’ and reaped big profits. Ranjith has directed the Tamil version as well as acted as the hero.

Vinod is the other hero of the film. He has done graphics for more than 250 ad films and he says he became a hero by accident. Caroline from Kerala plays the heroine. Music is by Prince Nallathambi.

Produced by VK Media Vision, the producers say appreciatively, “We wanted to produce a film that the whole family can watch. At that time, Ranjith told us this story and we liked it. He has made the film beautifully without any obscenity anywhere.”

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