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Dhanush in ‘Nandanam’

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image Dhanush has agreed to act in yet another film directed by Subramania Siva.

The song ‘manmada rasa’ is celebrated among kuthattam songs.  Subramania Siva was the one who gave a boost to Dhanush’s career in ‘Thiruda tThirudi’ when he was down.  It is common for the hero and director to come together once a film is a hit.  But Subramania Siva and Dhanush did not have that opportunity.

Now, after a long time their combination is happening and that too in a re-make film.  Subramania Siva is re-making the celebrated Malayalam film ‘Nandanam.’  Ranjith was the director of the film produced by Goodnight Mohan.

In the Malayalam ‘Nandanam,’ Prithviraj and Arvind Akash were heroes.  Navia Nair was the heroine.  Dhanush is doing the role of Arvind Akash in the Tamil version.  It is still not decided who will act in the roles done by Prithviraj and Navia Nair.

Subramania Siva who is doing ‘Yogi’ will direct the film ‘Nandanam’ and Dhanush will act in the film after completing two other films for which he had given call  sheet.  However, shooting for the film will start only after 6 months and the Tamil version will have a different title. 

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