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20 items about Nandalala

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image We have compiled a list of 20 points about ‘Nandalala’ for those who may be curious about the film.

The third film ‘Nandalala’ for Mishkin after the success of ‘Chithiram pesudadi’ and ‘Anjade’ has music by Ilayaraja.  In addition to directing the film Mishkin has also acted in it in a role of a mentally challenged person.

‘Kathazhe kannale’ song fame Sniktha has acted as the boy’s mother.

Mishkin has introduced Aswath Ram in the young boy’s role that is there in almost every scene of the film.  Actress Rohini has also acted in the film.  Nazzer is giving a special appearance.  Mishkin has done the fight sequences without dupe.    He is still nursing the injuries inflicted then.

For the first time an extremely long close up shot is featured in the climax of the film.  Real life narikuravars are acting in the film.  The song ‘Eliye eliye’ was sung by the narikurava woman Saroja.

Artists from Budapest Phiharmonic were brought here for Ilayaraja’s background score.  Some of the vehicles used in the film were designed specially for the film.  A bharatanatyam exponent Lakshya has also acted in the film.  Some scenes were actually shot in an institution for the mentally ill.

Mishkin took all the artists for shooting after a 40-day training period.  The climax scene was shot in a gigantic set and many of these scenes will be in slow motion.

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