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Acting and music are like two eyes: Sruti Kamal

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image Kamal is still the most versatile artist in Tamil cinema.  His heir Sruti is growing up in his footsteps.

Kamal’s elder daughter started learning music as a toddler.  She got her due recognition when she gave her debut performance.  Several were the voices, which demanded ‘once more’ for her music.  She has now become an actor and she is acting in the Hindi film ‘Luck’.

Having one foot in music and other in dance, what do you like the most?  Her answer is ‘both are like my eyes’.

Here is the mini interview she gave:

“I am getting introduced to the silver screen through the Hindi film ‘Luck’ where I am pairing Imran Khan.  They ask if I would follow the footsteps of my father.  I learnt music.  Being part of an artistic family, acting is there in my blood.  I can’t refuse to act as I am from a family of professional actors.  Some ask if I would give more importance to music.  I have already exhibited my expertise in music.  Now I am taking the step to be an actor.  There were quite a few artists who were singing actors in both Tamil and Hindi cinema.  I too would sing and act.  Being my father’s daughter, there are great expectations from me.  But what all I can do, I will do them in full. 

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