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Vivek changing into Surulirajan

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image It is not that the heroes alone could change their get ups.  Now it is the turn of Vivek to do so.

Blending rationalism with comedy Vivek is already being celebrated as Junior Kalaivanar.  But the film that saw him as a hero is yet to come out.  Now he has taken to changing appearances like the heroes.  After acting as Sreya in ‘Guru en aalu’, he will now take the appearance of Surulirajan.

“Following ‘Padikadhavan’, my films like ‘Guru en aalu’, Iyndham padai’ and ‘Perumal’ are waiting for release.  I am doing the role of a yoga expert in  ‘Guru en aalu’.  I am also doing an important role in the film ‘Iyndham padai’ which is about four people in the family.

I am doing a role in ‘Vada’ that will make people recall Surulrajan’.  He is one of the comedians I like.  That character would relate Surulirajan to today ‘s youngsters.  It is not the get up alone that is like him, but I have spoken like him too in the film.  I got into ear problem by speaking in another voice and I got treated for it. 

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