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Who will be the KING OF KOLLYWOOD in 2009?

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image As the year 2009 unfolds itself to movie audiences, speculation is ripe as to which star would make it big this year. Vijay kicked off his campaign with ‘Villu’ while arch rival Ajith is yet to start filming for his 2009 release. The film is to be directed by Saran and has been tentatively titled ‘Asal’. Much rests on the fortunes of this film as Ajith’s previous release ‘Aegan’ was a disaster at the box office and the fact that it will be Ajith’s 50th film adds on to the expectations.

Vijay on the other hand is expected to start work on his 49th film ‘Vettaikaaran’ any time soon. The film would be produced under the prestigious AVM banner by Balasubramanium. Anushka Shetty who debuted in Tamil Cinema with the film ‘Rendu’ has been zeroed in as Vijay’s heroine in the film. Anushka however is a big name in Telugu Cinema.

If everything goes on as planned, it appears that ‘Vettaikaaran’ and ‘Asal’ would clash at the box office. Something both the actors’ fans would love to see….after all a healthy competition is good for everybody.

Suriya looks to have a dynamic outing this year. ‘Ayan’ has been lapped up by distribution wizards Sun Group and the film is expected to do magnificently at the box office. Both Suriya and Tamanna compliment each other with good looks and K. V. Anand’s brilliance adds pep to the packaging. Suriya will soon join hands with Mysskin for a film called ‘Mugamudi’ to be produced by Ayangaran International. Mysskin who is busy as well as confident with ‘Nandhalala’ has had a one hundred percent success record at the box office with his earlier films Chithiram Pesudhadi’ and ‘Anjathe’. His working with the energetic Suriya might work wonders.

Vikram seems to be struggling with the consistency of his films being released. ‘Kandasamy’ directed by Suraj has been taking ages to complete. Though the film is expected to be very stylish one has to wait and see if a superhero concept would be liked by Tamil audiences. The larger-than-life heroism element with good storylines does work, but would super-heroism along the lines of ‘Krissh’ work? Let’s hope it does.

With delayed releases Vikram might have to reinvent himself every time he starts work for a film.

image Going on to the next rung of stars – Dhanush and Simbu.

Dhanush has absolutely nothing whatsoever to complain about. He is experiencing a golden run with his films. ‘Padikkathavan’ is wooing audiences to theaters big time and a hundred-day run looks very bright. The actor wants to have at least two releases in a year and so is acting in more films than one at a time. With ‘Padikkathan’ doing well, a relieved Dhanush is preparing to act in Vetri Maaran’s yet-to-be-named second film from mid-February. The thin actor would also work with his big brother Selvaraghavan for a film named ‘Ithu Malai Nerathu Mayakkam’ which would be about heartburn in a nuptial relationship.

Another interesting fact about Dhanush’s golden run is that he has been more successful than Vijay in the recent past. His ‘Polladhavan’, ‘Yaradi Nee Mohini’ and ‘Padikkathavan’ have been more successful than ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’, ‘Kuruvi’ and ‘Villu’ (with ‘Villu’ the trend appears so). So, Dhanush is one actor who can really look forward to 2009 with a relaxed outlook.

Simbu’s ‘Silambattam’ opened well and earned a good name for him (especially the village character), but then the film is proving to be an average grosser. The actor who has been plagued by very many controversies in the past will be moving on to play a city bred youth in the film ‘Poda Podi’ which is to be shot extensively in Canada. The actor probably is missing a trick here….the name he earned for himself playing the rustic character in ‘Silambaatam’ might not stand in good stead as he is expected to appear as a city youth in his next film in which he stars with Sarath Kumar’s daughter Varalaxmi.

Well as far as the real titans of Tamil Cinema (Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan) are concerned, they probably might not be in contention for the ‘King of Kollywood’ titled this year. Rajinikanth will not have a live action film released this year. His animation film ‘Sultan: the warrior’ would release but might not be in the same league as watching his real images. Kamal Haasan on the other hand, according to reports will be part of the Hindi film A Wednesday’s remake in Tamil tentatively titled ’19th Step’ in which he would star with Mohan Lal.

Tremendous competition is expected this year. Tamil Cinema can never be complete without star rivalry. So who will be the KING OF KOLLYWOOD this year….Vijay….Ajith….Suriya….Vikram….Dhanush….Simbu or

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