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Santnu to act in ‘Adhakalam’

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image After ‘Pudhiya Vaarpugal,’ Santnu is to act in 2 more films.

Santnu, the son of ‘screenplay king’ Bhagyaraj, made his acting debut in ‘Sakkarakatti.’ But the film was sweet in name only and did not fare well at the box office. Since the producer was Thanu, the many posters all over the place for publicity, kept the film in the news.

Santnu is acting now in ‘Pudhiya Vaarpugal’ directed by dad Bhagyaraj. Newcomer Chandni is the heroine. The son has discussed with his father about the title not being appealing to today’s generation, so the title could be changed. Bhagyaraj is planning to release the film next month.

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