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Asin’s freedom of speech

[Behind Woods, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 10:29 No Comment]

image Asin has definitely made her presence felt in a big way with the release of Ghajini. But the actress feels she deserves more than a mere recognition, given her performance in the film. The lady attributes her lack of proper lack of recognition to Aamir Khan’s dictatorial terms that she should not interact with the media until the film releases.

Though Asin had agreed to this in the beginning, she realized that this was a big mistake later on. To add to Asin’s misery, all the publicity stills that were released to the media consisted of Aamir only.

Sidelined by the actor and the producers, the lady had insisted to Vipul Shah, the director of London Dreams, that she be allowed to talk to the media when she wished or she would terminate the contract.

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