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Victories no excuse to drop efforts to find solution: CPI(M) to Sri Lanka

[Hindu, Thursday, 22 January 2009 13:02 No Comment]

Calling on the Sri Lankan Government not to use the recent military victories over the LTTE as an excuse to "drop" efforts to work out a political solution, the CPI(M) on Thursday said the "hostility" should immediately come to an end.


"The Army may have captured Kilinochchi from the LTTE, resulting in a setback for the organisation. But this should not be used as an excuse to drop efforts to ensure a political solution to the ethnic problem," a resolution adopted at the state committee meeting here said.


"The hostility should immediately come to an end to initiate efforts for a political solution," N Vardarajan, the party state secretary, said in the resolution.


The committee also condemned pro-LTTE and pro-Eelam elements in the state, saying they were "doing no good to the Lankan Tamils," but were rather creating "tension", and "unwanted incidents" in the state.

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