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Original jewellery costing 6 crores for Shreya in ‘Kandasamy’

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image Even a small earring is a fancy item used in films. Kalaipuli Thanu, known for his penchant for grandeur, has shown it in ‘Kandasamy.’ For a song in the film, he has bought real jewellery worth 6 crores for Shreya.

Directed by Susi Ganesan, ‘Kandasamy’ stars Vikram and Shreya. With 99% of the shooting complete, only one song sequence remained. Two weeks back, this song was shot in Italy . The main attraction is the jewellery that Shreya wears for the song. The director thought it would be nice if Shreya wore the real stuff instead of fake and the producer obliged by buying up real diamond jewellery.

The jewellery Shreya wears in this duet costs 6 crores. The costumes to match with it cost Rs.26 lakhs and the jewellery itself was on hire, costing Rs.5 lakhs for a day’s hire. Susi Ganesan says the song has been shot in spots in Italy not hitherto featured till now.

Recently, the news that Rs.75 lakhs was spent on Kangana’s costumes in Hindi film ‘Raaz’ created a stir.

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