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Focus on demand for positive change in IC outlook urged

[TamilNet, Monday, 2 February 2009 12:43 No Comment]

It is a war concurrently waged by Colombo government and Sonia Congress of India on the national aspirations of Eezham Tamils and in the process committing genocide on them. The perverted international vantage of the war and the milieu facilitated the war are a result of the Bush Syndrome. Obama has come but there is no US effort to arrest the hangover, and the British duplicity on the issue also continues. It is time the world has to look at the crisis in its true perspective as a national liberation struggle and stop discussing it as a ‘terrorist’ threat or minority issue, seeking solutions within the rotten state and polity of Sri Lanka, writes a senior Tamil scholar.

Full text of the letter received by TamilNet follows:

Is there no righteous country among those many, who themselves passed through this stage in the course of history to become nation states, to take up the matter at the UN and in the international forum in its right perspective?

The Indian Establishment may be severing its own nose for the vindictiveness of a few and the great country of India will soon be paying the price for it. It is left to the people of India.

But by failing to bring the issue in its right perspective at the international forum and by patting the back of the rogue state of Sri Lanka, coupled with generous monetary aid, the international community is evoking a Frankenstein Monster in the region.

Already the monster betrayed its ugly face in warning diplomats and media persons who mustered enough courage among the cowed lot to speak the true nature of the situation.

The delay and duplicity of the world powers in accepting the realities in the island reflect in the twisted portrayals of international media in their control and in the bias and hesitation of UN and its agencies.
The British government came out with a statement in paper for a ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ to hoodwink the British Tamils but at the same time gave five million pounds to the genocidal Colombo government to sustain its agenda, was a comment heard in the march of a hundred thousand Eezham Tamils in London on Saturday.

The genocidal Colombo’s nightmare today is money. Rather than exerting this weapon effectively to throttle Colombo to take the right course, the continued contribution of money by some powers is nothing but vicious.

Leaving Colombo government and the LTTE, the crucial point to be pivotal in the international deliberations is the reality of the polarization of Tamil and Sinhala psyche and their deep divide in the island that have been clearly demonstrated by both ethnicities in every way possible, without any iota of doubt.
Any further failure of the international community in doing the needful through international system by accepting the realities of the Eezham Tamil liberation struggle and the nature of the genocidal agenda of the Sinhala regime, will be devastating to the region, will prove to be a repulsive inspiration to contemporary human civilization and will not be conducive to the interests certain leading powers have in the region.
It is no more the national liberation struggle of a people orphaned in the geopolitical game. An awakened Tamil Nadu is watching at the verge of boiling point.

It is time the demanding Tamils evoke the conscience and seek the voice of the alternative world. It is also time for the Tamils to focus on what to demand precisely and at whom the demand to be directed.

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