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IC should act before it is too late

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 3 February 2009 08:01 No Comment]

Colombo is now blackmailing the IC that any effort to stop the war at this juncture would boomerang in the south, destabilizing the system and disappointing the greed of those who want to eat the cake in full and have invested for that purpose in the island. It now doesn’t hide its intention of committing genocide of civilians along with its attempt to crush the LTTE in the next few days, leaving the consequences to be tackled later. Sonia Establishment’s haste is everyone’s knowledge. Some powers think that by immediately dumping money for ‘development’ in the ‘conquered land’, Tamils can be appeased and the investors can find an outlet for the economic recession. But no one is prepared for a political solution, reflects a reader on an article appeared in TamilNet Monday.

Translated and edited version of the reader’s reflection on the article ‘Focusing on demand for positive change in IC outlook urged’ by a Tamil scholar, appeared on Monday, follows:

The IC’s delay tactics are aimed at allowing the needed time for Colombo and Delhi to have their way with the Tamil question.

Karunanidhi is part of the game as it is in tune with what he reportedly had said once that he would care for Eezham Tamils only after the time of Pirapaharan. He is waiting to go to Vanni as one of the first with the collected money if the conspiracy succeeds. The necessary invitation has already come.

His ‘valuable’ services at the moment are to contain the uprising in Tamil Nadu. A man who started his career with the aspiration of getting counted with Raja Raja the Great (the founder of the Chola empire) is ending up as Kulothunga the Third (the last ruler who presided over the collapse of the empire).
The dramatis personae of the conspiracy are not worried about the spread of the crisis in Tamil Nadu. They seem to have now decided for a trial and error.

For Rajapaksa it will provide the necessary justification to continue a totalitarian regime in the island, to groom Sinhala chauvinism and to go ahead with the genocide of Tamils. The war machinery he is building up in the island will not hesitate to fight a war in the soil of Tamil Nadu.

The Indian establishment is counting its hope on the money it could dump and the quislings who could silence the people, knowing very well that it cannot push a political settlement with the Sinhala regime. Failing in the risky game, the liabilities, including a Tamil Nadu in turmoil, are legacies for somebody else to handle. The Sonia Establishment is not that nationalistic to worry about it.

Some of the regional and world powers might be happy to see the catastrophe.

The task ahead of the Eezham Tamil diaspora and the people of Tamil Nadu is delicate and multi-faceted in thwarting the conspiracy.

The IC has to be convinced and prevented from assenting to the dangerous conspiracy of Colombo and New Delhi.

It has to act before it is too late.

Some of the IC countries are now trying to evade their responsibilities to the catastrophe and indictment by coming out with lip service of statements. This is useless and they need to be exposed.
Tamils need solid action.

The IC is contradicting itself by allowing a military conquest to take place without any vision, sign or guarantee for political solution.

At this juncture the only possibility for the IC to avoid the catastrophe of the wishful thinking of post-conquest Eezham is to recognize the nationalistic nature of the crisis. Already a responsible British politician has urged for placing the issue at the UN level to pressurize ceasefire and peace talks.
Time has come to consider a political solution at the apex level of the world and not allowing it to rot at the backyard of Colombo and New Delhi.

The IC has to stop the war immediately with resolute without caring Colombo and New Delhi. Stopping money to Colombo and de-proscription of LTTE will do the job automatically.

The IC has not so far demonstrated even a fraction of its resoluteness, strictness and keenness in restraining the LTTE, with the case of the long history of violations of the Colombo government. It is not IC’s inability, but unwillingness.

One cannot help suspecting whether the intention was to only weaken the Tamil side. It is important to convince the IC not to push the Tamils to the level of Colombo and New Delhi, which behave not worrying about consequences.

Some among the International Community are wasting time deliberately and divert the core issue by arguing that everything happens because of the LTTE not listening to them. If they feel in that way then there is no point in them discussing the LTTE now while Tamils face genocide.

If they are sincere they have to proclaim openly with guts what political solution they are envisaging for the Eezham Tamils rather than meekly nodding for the genocide. LTTE is not their problem. It is an issue for Tamils to decide after Tamil empowerment in exercising its political will.

Some of them also argue that a political solution has to emerge from the peoples of the island and that they can’t impose it from the above. This is a vicious and lame excuse. If they can impose a war, citing ‘international terrorism’, why can’t they bring in a solution?

A well-known Sinhala professor has aptly explained recently how the Sri Lankan state mechanism in incapable of conceiving a solution within its system.

In what way the IC expects a political solution to emerge from within, after weakening the Tamils and crushing their parity? Only subjugation can emerge.

If the IC fails in its duty to civilization in the next few days, even after seeing the public sentiments, then the IC’s intention is questionable and Tamils of Eezham and Tamil Nadu may have to be prepared for a new phase of a struggle of a different nature.

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