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Prominent Norwegian politician blames Sri Lanka for violating international Law

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 3 February 2009 11:40 No Comment]

Marit_Nybakk_76189_200 Deputy Leader of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the ruling Labour Party (AP) of Norway, Marit Nybakk, on Monday came hard on Colombo government for violating the International Law. "Sri Lanka should adhere to the Geneva Conventions under the prevailing war conditions," she said and condemned Colombo for committing genocide. Norwegian politicians across political parties addressed Norwegian Tamils at a public meeting in Oslo and said they were concerned why Co-chairs of Sri Lanka Peace Process are yet to respond to the current phase of the crisis.


Ms. Marit Nybakk, who is considered to be a right-oriented Labour politician, urged active engagement of the civil society in Norway against what was going on in Sri Lanka.

"Stronger engagement and international pressure are necessary to impress upon the government of Sri Lanka to stop its inhuman warfare at once," she added.

During the interactive session between public and representatives of all political parties in Norway, the attendees questioned Norway’s inaction to the worsening situation in Tamil homeland.

Many other politicians, Kjell Veivåg (V), Laila Dåvøy (Krf), Margaret Eide Hillaestad (SP), Akhtar Chaudhry (SV) and Erling Folkevord (Rødt) participated in the meeting and shared their concerns on the lack of action by the International Community.

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