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A stranded Namitha is a jackpot for fans

[cinesouth, Saturday, 7 February 2009 09:56 No Comment]

image Looks like Namitha has a knack of getting stranded somewhere or other.

Some months back, Namitha got stranded at sea when shooting for ‘Jaganmohini.’ This time, she got stranded on the Vellore road because her car developed a flat tyre and she had to wait more than an hour while it got fixed. Passersby were only too eager to rescue the damsel in distress and give her a lift.

Namitha had agreed to participate in a private college function at Vellore. So day before yesterday evening, she and her friend Raji left for Vellore by car. On the Katpadi road, the front tyre of the car got a puncture and stopped and when the driver was busy setting it right, Namitha got off and stood by the road side.

Those who were passing by, stopped to stare at her, while others driving past were all eager to give her a lift to her destination. Her “No, thanks!” with a smile saw a growing number of onlookers jamming up the road as she waited there nearly an hour and a half for the punctured tyre to be replaced.

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