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This was Rahman’s speech!

[Behind Woods, Monday, 23 February 2009 17:10 No Comment]

image Before coming I was excited and terrified. The last I felt like that was doing my marriage… uummm… there is this dialogue from a Hindi film called “mere pass ma hai…” which means I have nothing but I have my mother… so mother’s here… her blessings are there with me. I am grateful for her to have come all the way. I want to thank the academy for being so kind, all the jury members. I want to thank the IDBR, all the crew of the Slumdog, Mr. Gulzar, Ragheb Alama, Palsy and my musicians in Chennai and Mumbai.

And… I want to say something in Thamizh which says, which I say normally after every award “ ella puhazhum iraivanukke” which mean God is Great.

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