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Astrologer’s predictions for Rajini, Vijay and Vijayakanth!

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image Erode, a small town in Tamil Nadu, is a place frequented by most of the Tamil film stars. What is so intriguing about this town? Well, the biggies in Kollywood frequent this place to meet their astro guru Vijay. Vijay, in Kollywood circles, is famous for his predictions, which are based on the toe prints.

An interview with this young astrologer revealed that Vijayakanth’s dream to become the chief minister of Tamil Nadu is likely to remain a dream forever.

Vijay says that the actor, not heeding to his warnings, had started his political party at a wrong time. It was on the advice of this astrologer, Vijayakanth decided to give his wife Premalatha an important post in his party. The astrologer adds that for the next 20 years Tamil Nadu will be ruled by a lady.
On the likelihood of Rajinikanth or Vijay foraying into politics or becoming the CM, Vijay said that would not happen.

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