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SPB to sing along with birds

[Galatta, Thursday, 5 March 2009 17:51 No Comment]

image We have all heard myriad songs by S.P. Balasubramaniam – the eminent singer with a mesmerizing baritone that touches souls directly. He has sung solo, with other great singers, and accompanied by several musical instruments. But what he plans now is something special and never-heard-before (in India). Jeevan Thomas, who composes the music of Malaikkovil, has made S.P.B. sing in harmony with natural sounds, such as the rhythmic creak of a swing, sounds of raindrops falling into a puddle, and the beautiful chirps of birds!

News about this song has added the same amount of excitement to Malaikkovil (also spelt as Malai Kovil) as was associated with Keladi Kanmani, in which S.P.B. sang a few stanzas of ‘Mannil Indha Kadhal’ in a single breath!

Produced by Lal Bahadur and directed by Benajamin, Malaikkovil is a thriller set in a rural backdrop, regarding a series of mystifying incidents and the blind beliefs of a bunch of villagers. The film stars Vignesh, Indhu, Ponvannan, Monica, Sharmili, Vinu Chakravarthy, Balu Anand, S.S. Chandran, Anu Mohan and Jagan.

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