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Three crores for just one song

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image Just one song for ‘Endhiran’ will cost them Rs. 3 crores the money that can produce three films.

The money that is being spent on ‘Endhiran’ produced by Rajini-Shankar combination is unprecedented in Tamil cinema.  It is planned to spend Rs.150 to Rs.170 crores for the film.  Every scene is being shot at utmost expense,

An exciting opening song scene with Rajini is to be shot in a few days.  A.R.Rehman has already composed the music.  The song that features the dance of Rajini and Aiswarya is sung by A.R.Rehman and Madhusri.

Sharing her experience, Madhusri said: “It is so exciting to find a place in the effort by cinema’s great people like Rahman, Rajini, Shankar and Aiswarya.  My friends think that I am a very lucky girl.  I am very proud for having sung for ‘Endhiran.”

A gigantic set for this song is being put up by Babu Cyril at Ramojirao Film City. 

About 1000 artists will be dancing along with Rajini and Aiswarya. 

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