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Sutton MPs demand protection for Sri Lanka Tamils – Sutton Guardian

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Both borough MPs have demanded the British Government act to protect beleagured Tamils in Sri Lanka after hearing horrific stories from relatives at a meeting last week.


The meeting, attended by Paul Burstow and Tom Brake, was held at Wallington High School for Girls last Friday to highlight the plight of 300,000 civilians trapped in the war torn area in North Sri Lanka without basic needs.


It is estimated there are around 4,000 Tamils in Sutton and many of them turned out to hear the views of their MPs and the British Tamil Forum.


Dr Neelani Nackeeran, a member of the Tamil Forum, detailed reports of the blockade of food and medicines, the use of cluster & white phosphorus bombs and daily aerial bombardment and multi-barrel shelling in civilian areas, killing of more than 100 civilians daily.


More than 70,000 people have been killed in the fighting so far between the Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tiger rebels.


After the meeting, a Carshalton Tamil, who wished only to be named as Mr C as he fears reprisals against his surviving relatives, said: “My two sisters’ family and parents were living in the Vanni area.


"One of my sister’s husband and two children were killed by the artillery about two weeks ago while in their sleep. Another child succumbed to injuries a few days later.


"After the army took over our small town, my sister was taken to the one of the camps for the displaced. She was later taken from there to an undisclosed location. We fear for their safety.”


Another man, Mr S, also from Carshalton, was too disturbed to talk, but both his parents, his sister, brother in law and niece were all killed by artillery fire last week.


Speaking after the meeting, Mr Burstow said: "There needs to be a ceasefire, independent monitors, access for relief and human rights organisations and free unfettered access for the press. Our Government must take the matter to the UN Security Council."

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