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SLA deserter from Vanni arrested with jewelry in Anuradapura

[TamilNet, Friday, 20 March 2009 19:10 No Comment]

Thambuthegama police in Anuradapura district arrested Tuesday evening a Sri Lanka Army (SLA) deserter from Visuvamadu battle front in Vanni with jewelry articles worn by women worth around 3 million rupees at a check point in Thambuthegama, according to media report in Colombo quoting H. W. Kumarasiri, the Officer-in-charge of Thamuthegama police.

The police took the SLA soldier into custody as he failed to provide valid reason as to how he came into possession of the jewelry which consisted of gold bangles, chains, ear rings, rings and other such items worn by women.

The suspect is being detained in Anuradhapura police station and interrogated.

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