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The One Lakh actress

[IndiaGlitz, Sunday, 22 March 2009 18:59 No Comment]

Actress Ragasiya, who is currently busy doing item numbers in films, and her oomph, comes with a hefty price. Instead of charging for her involvement in a film in bulk, she opts to be paid on a daily basis.

Typically, actresses get paid based on their roles in the film. But Ragasiya has devised her own mode of being remunerated. The actress, it is said, insists on being paid on a daily basis and charges Rs One Lakh per day. But this does not include the money spent on her travel, accommodation and make up, which need to be reimbursed individually.

Despite her insistence on being paid this way, producers seem to prefer the actress, who is known to sizzle the screens with her glamour quotient.

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