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Nathiya is the heart of Pattalam: Rohan Krishna

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image Touted as a film that has ten times the fun of Tamil Nadu’s favourite TV serial (for teenagers) Kanaa Kaanum Nerangal, Pattalam seems to have caught the attention of youngsters. This fun movie about a bunch of school-going teenagers is sure to enthrall youngsters who are seeking some good fun after their exams.

Speaking about this film slated for release this Friday, director Rohan Krishna says, “Usually, movies about teenagers show them trying to come to terms with the physical and mental changes related to adolescence. But Pattalam is completely different; it is a film that shows the fun that kids have during their schooldays. The film is sure to serve as a summer treat to the youngsters. To adults, Pattalam will be a nostalgic journey. When they walk out of the theatre after this ‘revisit to their younger days’, they are going to feel a lot younger!”

Though the film stars nine newcomers in the lead, including comedian Pandu’s son Guru, Nathiya is the heart of it, says its director. Describing her role (a considerate teacher/ psychologist) as one-of-a-kind in Tamil cinema, Rohan adds that Nathiya is one of the special attractions in the film.

In 1984 Nathiya played a good-humoured girl (in Poove Poochoodavaa) who teams up with neighbouring kids half her age and creates a ruckus in the neighbourhood; but her banter endeared herself to everyone, even those who found it intolerable in the beginning. Directed by Fazil, the film did stupendous business in Malayalam (Nokkathaa Dhoorathu Kannum Nattu) and Tamil, making Nathiya the most-preferred heroine of the South at that time.

Seeing how Pattalam is structured, something similar is bound to happen again.

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