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The comedian who made Vadivelu cry

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image There is this actor called Singamuthu. Read on to figure out who that is.

He’s the one who spouts this dialogue “Paasakkaara payalunga. Nammalavittu saapidamaattaingannu…” and makes Vadivelu mad in ‘Bhagavathy.’ He appears in many films beside Vaidevleu but the Puyal seems to be grumbling not even to set eyes on his face.

There is reason for this. Singamuthu’s acting profession is only a side business for him. His main career is as real estate agent. He uses his cinema connections and has made several crores in real estate business.  He has made his son a hero and is even producing the debut film ‘Maamadurai.’

With his faith in Singamuthu, Vadivelu bought up a few properties in the city. The problem lies there. The properties Vadivelu has bought has been sold to 2 or 3 other parties.

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