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What Sneha refuses, Sandhya takes up

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image Just like parched land draws in any water that falls on it, Sandhya eagerly grabs any offers that Sneha turns down.

P Vasu has started directing part 2 of ‘Apthamitra’ in Kannada. This film is titled ‘Aptharatshaka.’ Sneha was to have done the role of Ganga done by Jyotika in the Tamil version. Though Sneha had originally agreed to it, she then had to turn down the offer because of her call sheet problems.

That had Vasu wondering on whom to cast in the role and he recalled Sandhya who had paired with his son. Vimala Raman as well as Kannada film Bhavana are also in the cast. Once the heroine was finalized, Vasu did not waste time but started shooting right away near Palani.

P Vasu gave an interview to a local reporter. “There will be more graphics in the second part than in the first part of ‘Chandramukhi.’

The climax of the first part will be the start of part 2.

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