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Seeman on parole

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image The unit of ‘Mayandi Kudumbathar’ is heaving a sigh of relief, as if they have just completed a daughter’s wedding successfully.

“Let them continue to throw me into jail as many times as they want. I will continue to voice my opinions,” is what Seeman reiterates every now and then. He was thrown into jail a second time. All this has not affected Seeman. It has however affected ‘Mayandi Kudumbathar’ unit.
Directed by Rasu Madhuravan, the film stars 10 directors including Tarun Gopi, Ponvannan, Nanda Periasamy, Jagannath and Raj Kapoor. Seeman is the one with the important role. Shortly after the film pooja, Seeman was arrested on charges of speaking against the country.

Once Seeman was released, they tried to shoot his scenes as fast as possible. But he was arrested a second time and put behind bars. Once Seeman was released on bail, the unit quickly shot the rest of his scenes. Now the full shooting is complete and the background score is being put together.

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