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MK did not lose govts for Eelam: Ramadoss

[Express Buzz, Sunday, 29 March 2009 07:36 One Comment]

PMK founder S Ramadoss has refuted Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s claims that he “lost” his governments on two occasions for the sake of Eelam Tamils.


Reacting to Karunanidhi’s claims Ramadoss said: “State politics, change of governments at the Centre and changes in political coalitions were the reasons for the dismissal of DMK’s state governments, and not the Eelam issue as claimed by Karunanidhi.”


“In 1977, the DMK government was dismissed by the Congress government at Centre because of Karunanidhi’s opposition of the Emergency since 1975. The corruption charges presented by MGR were used to dismiss the government then. In 1977, the armed struggle had not even begun in Sri Lanka.

The only development that year was the massive electoral victory for parties led by Amirthalingam in Sri Lanka. What was the contribution of Karunanidhi in the Eelam struggle at that point?”


Citing the second instance of the DMK government dismissal in January 1991, Ramadoss said: “The main issue during these elections was the Bofors scandal and V P Singh came to power in these elections. Karunanidhi had allied with VP Singh. But after V P Singh lost power and Chandrashekar became prime minister,

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  • S.V.Ramanan said:

    Nor is Ramadass.These chamelons make the life tougher for Tamils in SriLanka with their theatrics;their sole aim objective is votes.Srilankan Tamils must be wary of these gentlemen as much as they of LTTE and pressurise the international community to pressurise the Govt. into granting devolution of powers.