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S.Lanka rejects Tamil truce

[AFP, Tuesday, 31 March 2009 14:31 One Comment]

capt.photo_1238507730749-1-0 Sri Lanka on Tuesday rejected international calls for a truce with the Tamil Tigers saying that any let up would allow the cornered rebels to prolong their separatist war by another 25 years.


Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona said that members of the international community had fallen for a deliberate ploy by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in calling for a ceasefire.


"It is unfortunate that some in the international community have fallen straight into the well-laid trap of the LTTE and are calling for a ceasefire, a ceasefire which would only help the terrorists to recover and drag this war for another 25 years," Kohona said.


Sri Lanka has resisted repeated calls from the United Nations, the European Union and other foreign governments for a pause in the ongoing military operations.


The foreign ministry quoted Kohona as saying that the Tigers should allow the tens of thousands of civilians in the conflict zone to leave the area.

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  • S.V.Ramanan said:

    Does the Srilankan Giovernment admit that it has no wherewithal to counter LTTE?Till yesterday it has been saying that LTTE is finished,Prabakaran is dead,not dead,escaped to India, escaped to Indonesia, his son is leading the LTTE,Prabakaran is leading the war…what nonsense is this/? Either you are winning or losing.If you can not control LTTE, entrust that international community.You concentrate on saving Tamils trapped in war zone.
    Does the Srilankan Govt. want to declare suo moto that LTTE is no more?Can anything be more ridiculous than this?
    International community should call this bluff and expatriate SriLankans must mobilise world opinion on this, at the same time dissociate with LTTE.