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No more excuses in waging the war – Protestors in Oslo

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 7 April 2009 10:08 2 Comments]

 "Colombo, which wages a brutal war, and its main war-partner, the Indian Establishment, which sets the agenda and the International Community that viciously abets the war, have no more justification or excuses in continuing the war," said T. Raju, a young Tamil diaspora activist who talked to media while hundreds of Norwegian Tamils gathered Tuesday in front of the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo to protest against the Sri Lankan war. "Only a few hundred LTTE cadres remain in Vanni was the estimation of Colombo’s military, a few weeks ago. Colombo claimed that nearly 500 LTTE cadres were killed this weekend. Therefore any further war only means open genocide of people," he said.


"Already the IC’s ruling circles have set a wrong, anti-human and anti-democratic precedence by perpetrating war against liberation in the Island," said the diaspora activist who joined the Tamils who protested in front of the Norwegian Parliament.
"They cannot end the war even if they sweep through Vanni, unless the liberation aspirations of the people are met with."

The demonstrators who spontaneously gathered in front of the Parliament, later moved to the nearby tram track in the road blocking traffic and provocating the Norwegian Police to stand ready with tear gas guns.

"Colombo and the election-minded Indian partners who are pressing it with an agenda of war have not learnt anything in this respect from the bitter lessons of their preceptor, the US, in Iraq and in Afghanistan," Mr. Raju said.

"If globally assisted wars have to be continued for individuals, it will only justify a dangerous ideology that individual assassinations are means of politics," he added.
Meanwhile, the international media, which is carrying Colombo’s stories, is "conspiratorial in its sabotage of news" on the massacre of Tamil civilians in the safety zone and the inhuman treatment meted out to them by the SLA, when they flee, Raju further said.

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  • Tamil Selvem said:

    Unfortunaly LTTE doesn’t need peace they did had lot of opportunity for that they never had honest interest. Only thing they was interest is independent land. I’m a Tamil living in north and I would like to have one too.
    But what cost? And when? We Sri lanken Tamil never going to get a independent land and if we get we will be dictated by LTTE. I live in north Sri Lanka and i knew LTTE well. Most of Tamil live in west don’t have or forget about living under LTTE.
    Just a example Tamils living in west donate millions of $ each year to Tamil cause and 98% end up in LTTE hand. So what they do just buy weapons’ weapons’. There is no welfare program from LTTE for whites so ever. All most everything come from Colombo such as medicine, educational materials, foods ect but but LTTE collect a TAX on civilians. This been the case always.
    I like LTTE to be finish for Good Good we may have some peace after 25 years. And expect COLOMBO
    To do a some political settlement for us to have some kind of dignity.

  • S.V.Ramanan said:

    Well said.Tamil Selvam.Agreed that LTTE has to be wiped out.No second thoughts about this.
    The protestors should congregate in Washington and impress on US.Talking of LTTE shall harden SriLankan attitude as also of international community.
    India can not interfere on its own with out the concurrence of IC.People must remember what LTTE has done to India.Also the statement of LTTE and other Tamil Organisations asking India not interfere and that the issue is between brothers of Srilanka.When IPKF was sent , it was accused of murder and rape.Why should India unnecessarily earn a bad name?We do support you on all counts, short of supporting LTTE and Tamil Elam.We will do it the diplomatic front.