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Shilpa Shetty to wed in 6 months

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image The obstacle in the way of Shilpa wedding her industrialist suitor has at last been resolved. He is to get a divorce from his present wife and in 6 months time, the way will be clear for Shilpa to marry Raj Kundra.

London based industrialist Raj Kundra and Shilpa met at a function a year back. They became friends and soon became romantically involved, but for them to marry, Kundra first had to divorce his legally wedded wife. Kundra accordingly filed for divorce.

Shilpa is the reason why Raj Kundra wanted a divorce from her, accused Mrs. Kavitha Kundra. The case is still going on. Raj decided to settle Kavitha’s alimony through the court. But she was not for it and asked her husband to give it to her in person.

Referring to it, Raj Kundra says: “There is no way Kavitha can plead for more alimony. That’s why she wants it in person. I posed a condition for this. I said she had to write a statement that Shilpa was in no way responsible for this divorce. Kavitha also did so accordingly.

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