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MK has responsibility to save Lankan Tamils, says S Ramadoss

[New Kerala, Wednesday, 8 April 2009 07:00 One Comment]

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) founder-leader S Ramadoss today said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi had the responsibility to save the 2.5 lakh Lankan Tamils, being encircled by the Lankan forces, after it claimed capturing of Pudukudiyuruppu.

In a statement here, Dr Ramadoss, citing the claim made by the Lankan government that it had taken control of Pudukudiyuruppu area, said the Chief Minister should immediately take up the issue with the Centre and stop an imminent genocide of Tamils.

Recalling Mr Karunanidhi’s moving remarks made on the floor of the Assembly that the Centre should come to the rescue of the Lankan Tamils, the PMK leader urged the Chief Minister to once again take up the issue with the Centre and save the Tamils.

”Tamil Nadu government and Chief Minister had the duty and responsibility to protect the Tamils and the Chief Minister should perform his duty immediately,” he said adding if the Centre failed to intervene and save the Tamils, suspicion that it was indirectly assisting the genocide of Tamils would be confirmed.
He said the people of Tamil Nadu should also come forward to raise their voice in unison and help to prevent the massacre of their brethern in Lanka.

Stating that disturbing reports were emanating from the island, Dr Ramadoss said the Lankan government had said after they captured the Pudukudiyuruppu area, only the safe zone was left and the LTTE militants have taken refugee in the zone.

Now on the pretext of attacking the Tigers, the Lankan forces have conspired to launch a major offensive against the innocent Lankan Tamils, he added.

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  • S.V.Ramanan said:

    MK and Ramadass will be doing a great favour to Srilankan Tamils if they keep to their own counsel.By blabbering something to garner voters here in India , you are helping Srilankan Govt to take a harder line towards Tamils.