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Vaiko charged for inflammatory speech – NDTV

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vaiko A case has been registered against MDMK chief Vaiko under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Law a day after his inflammatory speech warning of bloodbath in Tamilnadu. The FIR also mentions that Vaiko’s speech was aimed at threatening the unity and integrity of the country.

But in another development Chief Minister Karunanidhi has made a desperate appeal to the Sri Lankan President Rajapakse to treat Prabaharan as an equal if he’s captured.

"If Prabaharan is harmed, I warn you there will be bloodbath in Tamil Nadu. If India assists the genocide happening in Sri Lanka, the people will lose confidence in the Indian system and Indian unity and don’t jeopardize the unity and integrity of India.," said Vaiko, MDMK chief.

Across the political divide the DMK staged its own rally for the Tamil cause.

On the ground the opposition says DMK’s record of rallies and resignation dramas have not helped the Lankan Tamils cause in any way.

Chief Minster Karunanidhi has appealed to the Lankan President for a conciliatory approach if Prabaharan is captured.

"Rajapakse, please treat Prabaharan the way Alexander treated King Porus after he was defeated," said M Karunanidhi, Tamilnadu Chief Minister.

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