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In love with Nayantara? Prabhu Deva’s response

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image The rumour about Prabhu Deva-Nayantara romance has become a hot topic for gossip in Kodambakkam.

It seems the two got close during the shooting of ‘Villu’ with Prabhu Deva comforting Nayantara over the Simbu episode and she comforting him over the loss of his son. When they went to Switzerland for shooting, their friendship is said to have transformed into bigger things.

After returning to Chennai, they are said to have meet frequently at a villain actor’s bungalow and their relationship turned into love. Directed by Siddiq, Nayantara acted in Malayalam film ‘Bodyguard’ for which Prabhu Deva is dance master, said to have been so because of Nayan’s request.

During shooting in Kerala, they are said to have met frequently at a star hotel in Kottayam. The speculation about their closeness escalated into gossip over the past 2 weeks about the two of them even planning to tie the knot.

At the shooting of ‘Kalavaadiya Pozhudhugal,’ Prabhu Deva was asked about this. “I need time to answer this question. Whatever it is, I will definitely inform the press,” he said.

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