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Plight of babies born and unborn

[TamilNet, Sunday, 12 April 2009 10:40 One Comment]

foetus_hand_fr A 20-days old baby succumbed to injuries of Sri Lanka Army (SLA) shelling on Sunday in the makeshift hospital at Puthumaaththa’lan within the safety zone. A pregnant mother whose abdomen was torn open and in the condition of the hand of the foetus coming out was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, after the SLA shelling. Meanwhile, as a result of the food shortage, children were seen standing in a long queue to receive gruel from a distribution centre run by the Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation on the Easter Sunday noon. The photos published here are self explanatory, but we caution readers of their strong content.






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  • ‘Kalhandhaiccoe’ said:

    # To say the least, it puts the %"NavaKaalhi" carnage in immediate aftermath of India’s ‘Independence[?!]‘ to abject shame…/=. If we were to expand,H0W D0es the "IC"–the so called ‘Comity of(predominantly white~’civilized’)Nations–the much bandied-about(by India’s own Rajiv Gandhi et al..) +"Vasudeva Kudumpakam"…countenance such unheard-0f,unseen ever barbarity{nay..,"Sinhalarity"} right in front of its nose and STILL CLAIM to uphold Human Rights..,the UN Charter..,the various International Conventions..&c.,withOUT even a semblance of sympaty or empathy for the "Plight of the GODs’forsaken"= viz.,the *"Eazhath Thamizhar(Tamils of Eazham)" alias:"Eena Makkalh{the forsaken-oppressed underlings}of Today’s World"..??||**"There be almost no Country or Nation in the World today where the Tamils are not there~not participated /pating in its Development & sustained Welfare…=**But alas!- there be NO Country &/or Nation of their Own for them__and they’ve known NO succour from their BRUTAL OPPRESSION for a Long,LONG time..||As our Tamil Libertarian Fighter-Poet *Paarathy
    we ask of our Lady Fate:~"Vithiyae..,Vithiyae..en-seya uLhlaai, emmai en-seya Ulhlaai..??(What d’you intend to Do to Us..??)//=siva*ya*siva=