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Sri Lanka declares 48-hour ceasefire in civil war

[AFP, Sunday, 12 April 2009 08:49 2 Comments]

Sri Lanka’s president on Sunday ordered government troops to halt their offensive against cornered Tamil rebels over the two-day Sinhala and Tamil New Year that starts on Monday.


Mahinda Rajapakse’s office said in a statement that the move was aimed at allowing thousands of Tamil civilians trapped by the fighting to celebrate the New Year.


"With this objective in view, His Excellency has directed the armed forces of the state to restrict their operations during the New Year to those of a defensive nature," the statement said.

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  • S.V.Ramanan said:

    Irony is that Rajapkashe says he is crdering a cease fire for two days to enable Tamils to celebrate Tamil New Year.What a cheek and arrogance!

  • ‘Kalhandhaiccoe’ said:

    # What an atrocious Sinhala BRUTE majoritarian, chauvinistic Sri Lanka Govt. announcement full of %SADIStic satire to add Insult to INJURY..!= ARE the Tamils in Sri Lanka in a celebrating, festive mood so pressing now, that You[holy %Thou..] have had to set aside your One & ONLY Great Aim in the World..-"Destruction + COMplete ANNIHILATION-{as apposed to ‘Hail-Hitler”s: |Extermination|.. in the Western World..} Of the ancient Tamil Race from the Face of this Earth ~ in COLLUsion with the %Brahmin–Bania–Hindi’ite Aryan Northern Combine in India & their cheerleading Comrades in the "IC" ~ and LET the ‘Thamizh Paecum Makkalh’ celebrate ="with traditional[sic!] fervour & enthusiasm: whatever that %You’ve left ‘untouched’ for them>.. to make merry and enjoy –’the Jolly Good Fellows’ that they always are for %You & your %Ilk…|>WHATever You do to them.., how Many times You may Do to them…?!?~^~