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Cowboy film is from comics: Simbudevan

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image It has become Simbudevan’s style to make films that have nothing to do with reality. His latest film ‘Irumbukottai Murattu Singam’ is a cowboy story.

Where did you come up with such a concept? In response, Simbudevan says:

“Comics are my inspiration for this. Youngsters love to read them. Even now, I love to read comics. Children most love stories from comics. So I thought, why not make a film out of them? It’s a big risk. But we want to create a different type of interest, so we have gone into it with eyes open. When I told the story to producer Kalpathi Agoram, he was most impressed. He told me not to worry about expenses and to go ahead. What more can one ask for?

Of course, only some heroes would suit the characters. After readying the story, Lawrence came to mind as he has the style and mannerisms suitable to a cowboy. He liked the story when I told him and said let’s start shooting. The 3 heroines are Padmapriya, Lakshmi Rai and Sandhya. The Red Indians episode will be very interesting.

To dream and let one’s imagination loose is what everyone does. One will dream of being king of a country, another would dream of having seen god. If such dreams materialize, how it would be is what I have depicted in my films. This film is also like that.

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