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Some info on ‘Mundhinam Paarthene’

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image A sensitive film for youngsters that the whole family can see. It’s a realistic film about friends of high and middle class in their late twenties. “Love does not come as planned. It just happens,” is what the film says. Love stories are nothing new but this film has a new angle to it.

The hero is employed in an IT firm. One heroine works with the hero, another is a dance teacher and the third is an assistant film director. Apart from these 4 important characters, a whole lot of youngsters and kids act as their friends. All characters have a strong background in the story. The beauty of the screenplay is such that even small characters attract one’s attention.

Magizh Thirumeni makes his debut as director. He has worked as assistant director with Gautham Menon in ‘Vettaiyaadu Vilayadu’ and ‘Kaaka Kaaka.’ Story, screenplay and dialogues for ‘Mundhinam Paarthene’ are by Magizh Thirumeni.

Cinematography is by Vincent, an upcoming technician in this profession and he has worked with ace cinematographer PC Sriram. Music is by Taman Sai. He is already a known face, since he plays one of the 5 boys in Shankar’s blockbuster ‘Boys.’

Editing is by Anthony and art direction by Thotta Banu.

Shooting is going on now and will continue through April. Hero is Sanjay.

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