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Ajith kumar’s request to his fans

[Behind Woods, Sunday, 19 April 2009 09:19 No Comment]

image I sincerely thank you for the response that was accorded to the inauguration of my film “ASAL” at Chennai recently. I convey my gratitude to my fans who could not make it but wished through my office. It has been brought to my attention that the members of my AJITH KUMAR Narpani Iyyakam have planned to celebrate my birthday falling on May 1st with huge fun fare.

I sincerely feel that whole process will be highly inhuman if we celebrate my birthday on the background of our fellow Tamils languishing and suffering amidst death and pain in Srilanka.

Further to this we are aware that the General Elections are being conducted all over the Country. At this point of time, I sincerely feel our celebrations should not pose any discomfort to the authorities concerned.

Since I am leaving abroad for my shooting at the end of this month, I request my fans to circumvent the stress of trying to wish me in person. Vide this letter, I request the members of my organization to co-operate with the Iyyakam Headquarters in revamping the organizations.

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