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Shriya’s April Fool target!

[Galatta, Sunday, 19 April 2009 09:26 No Comment]

image When gorgeous Shriya, the heroine of Sivaji, looked for somebody to fool on April Fool’s day, she zeroed in on Vishal and carefully laid her devilishly simple plan. Shriya phoned him on April 1, saying that she was waiting for him at his Chennai office’s reception area.

Innocent Vishal, who did not expect this to be a bluff, rushed outside to greet her and realized he had been fooled. Right now, Shriya is jumping with joy and considers she has achieved a great feat by fooling mighty Vishal with such a simple idea. Though Vishal would like to come up with a thousand different explanations to justify his immediate reaction, Shriya is sure she has succeeded in fooling him.

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