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Civilians fleeing war in Vanni arrive in Jaffna district

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Around 3,500 civilians fleeing war in Vanni by sea on fishing boats arrived Tuesday afternoon at Point Pedro Munai area while Sri Lanka Army (SLA) says that nearly 5,500 to 12,000 have come into the area between Chaalai and Iyakkachchi, sources in Jaffna said. Around 1,500 civilians from Vanni at Point Pedro Munai have been taken in buses to Thenmaraadchi where they are lodged in Kodikaamam Thirunaavukkarasu Viththiyaalayam and Chaavakachcheari Hindu Ladies College, Thenmaraadchi Divisional Secretariat (DS) officials said. The rest who are staying in the schools nearby are being prepared to be transported to Thenmaraadchi, the sources further said.

As most of the schools in Jaffna district do not have electricity supply the civilians placed in the above schools face inconveniences, the sources said.

According to Jaffna Secretariat sources it is said that an SLA officer had informed Jaffna Government Agent (GA) that nearly 12,000 civilians in the area between Chaalai and Iyakkachchi have arrived into government controlled area and are trying to reach Thenmaraadchi by land.

Other SLA sources, however, said that there are about 5,000 to 6,000 civilians in the area between Chaalai and Iyakkachchi.

The number of civilians waiting in the above area cannot be confirmed due to the contradicting information received so far, Thenmaraadchi DS officials said.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka government has publicized that around 39,000 civilians from Liberation Tigers territory had fled into government controlled areas.

Nearly 5,000 civilians are said to have fled Vanni by land to Oamanthai, according to government reports.

The 5,000 civilians arriving at Oamanthai and the 3,500 at Point Pedro added to the said 12,000 civilians waiting to be brought to from the area between Chaalai and Iyakkachchi make only a total of nearly 20,000, the sources said.

Thenmaraadchi DS officials said they are ready to receive the civilians and place them in schools appropriated for the purpose on government directions.

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