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Demonstration in Film Chamber

[Behind Woods, Thursday, 23 April 2009 18:03 No Comment]

image The Tamil Nadu government had called for a 12-hour bandh to condemn the ethnic war in Sri Lanka and the film industry also showed their solidarity by staging a protest at the film chambers in their own style. Addressing the demonstration, director Bharathiraja stated that if the government does not heed to their request to stop war in Sri Lanka, then the next step taken would be ‘ultimate’. He added that all cinema related work will come to a stand still.

Speaking at the event, actor Sathyaraj stated that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Kalaignar had called for this protest and all Tamils who have racial affinity should take part in the demonstration to express their support.
Others who were present in the demonstration were directors, K Balachander, Ameer, Cheran, Murugadoss, actor ‘Ganja’ Karuppu, FEFSI president V.C. Guhannathan, Sasikumar, Samudirakani, Rohini, K Palaniappan and many more. The Producers’ Council president Rama Narayanan did not participate in the demonstration.

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