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Ostriches can never be right

[TamilNet, Friday, 24 April 2009 16:30 No Comment]

It is as obvious as one’s palm that the crisis in Sri Lanka is ethnic. It is not just a story of today or yesterday. In contemporary politics it is dated back to 1931, ever since universal suffrage was introduced, paving way for ethnic majority rule. Sinhalese historians believing in Mahavamsa may trace it back to more than 2000 years. Contemporary history of the island is nothing but an ethnic bloodbath. But in the ‘most compassionate’ Mahinda Rajapaksa’s time, it is no more ethnic but only terrorist. People say he has been successful in convincing the international community so. The recent stand taken by UN and certain countries reducing the crisis to a humanitarian issue caused by ‘terrorism’, make observers only dump-founded. Might, may be the supreme right, but however mighty, ostriches can never be right, said, a political analyst in Colombo on Friday.

The comments from the analyst follow:

For quite some time now, some powerful countries of the international community are trying to educate the Sri Lankan state on cultural pluralism, human rights, devolution and development.

In their enthusiasm of this educational process they go to the extreme level of abetting the state in its brutal genocidal war, adamantly maintain an ethnic war as a war on terrorism, sabotage all information using their media power and even sit on UN from viewing the crisis in its right perspectives.

The extent of an international blackout of the gravity of the situation can be seen in the way that even the UN has to only ‘leak out’ information on casualty.

The abettors have failed miserably.

The latest report of the International Crisis Group on ‘development’ in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka is actually a testimony or a catalogue of failures, of not exactly the Sri Lankan state but the international community.

They could not educate the Sri Lankan state on any of the norms.

On the contrary they have only witnessed the level of chauvinism, the Sri Lankan state is capable of reaching and the unbreakable will power of the Tamils in achieving liberation.

The ‘strategic partners’ have deliberately decided to be ostriches and have made the UN also to be so, in order to keep the solutions under their armpits. May be they are right in the given global scenario, but fooling around with truth is not the right strategy.

It is time for the strategic partners and the international community to call a spade a spade, and to explore solutions to the ethnonational question from an ethnonational perspective.

Nothing can be done without deconstructing the Sri Lankan state.

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