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Physical capture and incarceration of people: latest ways of neo-colonialism

[TamilNet, Saturday, 25 April 2009 07:30 No Comment]

"The pundits of political science may have to revise the connotations of the word neo-colonialism as indirect ways of imperialism only operating through economy. The experiment that is taking place with the Tamil question in the island of Sri Lanka indicate that powers of today are bold enough to orchestrate physical capture of people in brutal ways without worrying about casualty and the imprisonment of the remaining indefinitely, in order to achieve their geopolitical goals," writes a regular political commentator to TamilNet. "The manipulations at the UN, open defiance in recognizing the obvious ethnic nature of the crisis, and the outrageous statement diplomacy empty of action in saving the oppressed, but signalling Colombo’s genocide, are clear evidences for the new trends of neo-colonialism, encountered by the world of freedom-loving people," the commentator writes.

The text of the commentator continues:

The developments in the last one week, are an open and decisive proclamation to the Tamil people in the island and to the outside world that the Tamil homeland in the island is no more a part of the Sri Lankan state, but it is a colony conquered with the active abetment of the ‘strategic partners’.

The ‘All Sinhalese’ team of three Sinhala civil servants, headed by a notorious Sri Lanka Army Commander, instituted for the purpose of the ‘resettlement’ of the Tamil civilians is an open evidence for the colonial formation in the model of the classical colonial powers. Colombo is shamelessly naked in admitting that it has become a new colonial power in South Asia, and is in the ‘League of the Strategic Partners’.

The Eezham Tamils and their diaspora have to take the cue that their aspiration for a separate country has been indirectly achieved, but as a colony. Colombo is not going to make any qualms of this new reality.
Sri Lanka doesn’t exist for Tamils.

The psychological transformation of Tamils totally disowning the citizenship of Sri Lanka is going to be the basis for the next phase of struggle.

The next phase of the struggle is to liberate the colony and to liberate the subjects of the colony living in camps and open prisons from the ‘structural, cultural and emotional genocide’ of Colombo and from the ‘development onslaught’ of the strategic partners.

As India and the international community has so far not shown any signs of ending the conflict with any acceptable solution, and on the contrary moving towards imposing a continued genocidal war, the Tamil people considering enhancement of civil strategies against all forms of genocide, in parallel to the revitalization of an inevitably imposed armed struggle, may be necessary to meet the unfolding scenario.
No one can fight against oppression without asking us. Any one fighting against oppression has to make it conducive to our interests, but we will choose who serves our interest better, whether the oppressors or the oppressed. If the oppressed doesn’t listen, we will set genocide on them. People have to disown their own fighters when we ask for it. If the people show any will power of sticking to their fighters, we will kill them and starve them. Even then if the people don’t listen, we will physically and forcefully separate them and will put them behind barbed wire indefinitely until they relent, is the message demonstrated in practice by the so-called international community hiding behind liberal democracy.

It seems, time has almost run out for the ruling circles of the International Community to prove any real changes, if at all, in their international ideology.

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