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Explicit international deceit on Tamils

[TamilNet, Monday, 27 April 2009 20:47 One Comment]

“What is the limit of IC’s appeasement with Colombo and what is the limit of IC in cheating Tamils,” asks Sri Navaratnam, on the 8th day of his hunger strike in Oslo, furious at the news of Colombo’s all out attack on Tamil civilians Monday night. “To facilitate the international community to deceive Tamils, Sri Lanka’s president Mahinda Rajapaksa on Monday announced the halt of the use of heavy weapons in the safety zone of more than 165,000 civilians. Everybody welcomed it as though killing the civilians by small weapons is acceptable. It was a joke, the UN begging ‘Sri Lanka must respect heavy weapons pledge’, as though they are prepared to act if Sri Lanka breaches it. Colombo, which was already aerial bombing the civilians started with intense barrage of heavy weapons Monday night”, he cited.

Last Friday, when the two Indian mandarins discussed war with Colombo, four days time was set to finish the war to an end, reliable sources in Colombo said.

Colombo wants to materialize it at whatever cost of Tamil civilians and whatever way of duping the international community, Tamil circles said.

However, Tamil circles are not convinced that it is exclusively an Indian agenda but they suspect an international agenda of every one included, behind the smokescreen of statement diplomacy.

The much-publicised visit of the Foreign Ministers of Britain France and Sweden being scheduled to Wednesday is cited as an evidence for the agenda – visit to participate in the ‘victory’ celebrations and to discuss ‘post-conflict’ manoeuvres.

John Holmes stay in Colombo is part of the game they say.


“UN and the IC, which were all this time accusing the LTTE for the human shield and for preventing the freedom of movement of the civilians were not there last Monday, to receive the civilians, take care of them, ask for their wish of the so-called freedom and to facilitate them with the freedom,” Sri Navaratnam said.
“The worst part of the IC’s deceit or perhaps IC’s revenge on Tamils for refusing to surrender their dignity is leaving the captured civilians, their dignity, security and freedom entirely in the hands of Colombo, like how they left the war entirely in the hands of the genocidal Colombo”, he added.

“Even at present there is no international arrangement to protect the civilians at the ‘capturing point’ while everyone in the IC ultimately wants the civilians to be captured by Colombo”, Navaratnam said.
The civilians captured last Monday and Tuesday were not fully registered in the camps. Only 16,000 in Vavuniyaa and 5,000 in Jaffna have so far been accounted for. Others are still suffering in the military zone, north of Oamanthai, according to civil officials who divulged the figures with much reluctance and on conditions on anonymity.

Many had to get into Vavuniyaa by stealth, sources in Vavuniyaa said.

The fate of the civilians who will be captured in the on going onslaught is going to be many times worse, they said.

The LTTE in the past proved itself much efficient in handling the same IDPs. But, the UN, IC and the Sinhala civil servants handling it now show only their pathetic incompetence, the Tamil officials in Vavuniyaa said.
The eagerness of Colombo, UN and IC is only to see the civilians separated from the LTTE. Their mind is not set for caring them with feeling, Tamil diaspora circles lamented.

If genocide of Tamils is what everybody wants and if the ‘victory’ has to be achieved at whatever cost of Tamil lives and dignity, better to tell it openly so that the Tamils will know where they stand, was the outburst of 51 years old Sri Navaratnam, father of two children, on hunger strike, demanding action from Norway and international community to save Tamils.

Deceiving will not make anyone free from being answerable one day, he said.

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  • Muldic said:

    It is not India alone but the whole International Community are backing Srilanka in their genocide of tamil civilians. Whoever visits Srilanka discuss about how far the genocide is going on. They encourage Srilanka to finish off the tamilians as early as possible. As soon as they leave Srilanka then the bombings are done 5 times with more force. After the lakhs of deaths through bombings and starvation and when some few people are left then U.N. will step in maybe with some force and will discuss with Colombo what to announce and then will announce that Srilanka has done a tremendous job helping the displaced civilians. They will not tell anything about the war crimes. They will act as if the whole of srilanka belongs to srilanka government and the tamilians there are refugees. The history will be rewritten as such. And as we all know people are bound to forget all these barbarism of the International community comprising of India, U.S.A, U.K., France, Canada, Mexico who cry for halt of war and the open support given by Russia, China and Pakistan.

    The people who are asking to commit these genocides are human beings who also have families. The question is why are they supporting these genocides.

    It is because nowadays violence is inborn in all the child each other man’s death somewhere is welcomed by all, they enjoy it.

    What happens if the mentality of all the people is welcoming the genocides, it is leading the whole world to dangerous ends. Each other people tend to not see them with helping nature but with hatred and selfishness. Everyone speak outside of some great moral values but inside genetically they are changing to be violent and having hatred on others. Hatred are bound to happen in their own families.

    India’s policy falling into the wrong hands has taken India’s protection shield out. The International community now sees India as a violent country. The media who were silient for the most part about the heppenings in Srilanka have started to show it now. The International Communities now have started seeing India as a terrorist sponsoring country. This is enough now the International community will enjoy if some earthquake or great calamity hits India. The International Community will enjoy if lakhs of Indians die. It will enjoy the most if Taliban gets into the hands of Nuclear weapons and hits some important cities. U.S.A., U.K. France and other countries will enter into a secret understanding with Taliban and Pakistan and will see the other way when Taliban attacks India with nuclear bombs. India will be asked to restrain itself and not attack Pakistan and Taliban will be sheltered by Pakistan though they will say that Taliban are not in their country.

    India a safe heaven is now dangerously placed in the world map.