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Stop war in Lanka, Thamarai’s loud cry

[IndiaGlitz, Monday, 27 April 2009 17:18 No Comment]

image If many directors have vociferously spoken against the genocide in Lanka and the government’s inaction about it, it is Thamarai from the camp of the lyricists who has been vocal in her anger over the issue. By clearly stating that art cannot be separated from the people that it is created for, the lyricist said all in the film fraternity, belonging to the world of art, should openly criticize those in politics as they weren’t working in the interest of the people.

Strictly condemning the way all political parties are backing out of the issue, the writer said it made sense if those who were powerless said they could not help the situation. But politicians, who had the authority to make a difference, not doing so is what is disappointing, she said, adding that there was no point in them occupying such high places if they couldn’t intervene in the killings of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

In case parties don’t heed to this collective voice, Thamarai said the spirit of freedom inside everybody will be rekindled and more powerful in the future. She also asked people to stop taking measures to usurp our sense of freedom.

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