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Kollywood in trouble because of swine flu?

[Galatta, Tuesday, 5 May 2009 16:38 No Comment]

image Just a couple of days back, the producer of a big-budget Bollywood blockbuster was detained at the airport over swine flu screening.

In the current scenario, anyone sneezing and wheezing on the street is being considered as potentially deadly. No country wants to take any chances and everyone is suspicious. And if you are brown-skinned and sneeze more than once in a foreign country, there is some trouble waiting to strike!

With crores of rupees riding on several Kollywood films, will it be a smooth ride? At the moment, many big-budget films with top stars are being filmed abroad and many more are in the pipeline.

With the global flu phenomena, spreading, no country would want to throw caution to the winds and securing permission to shoot in foreign locales will be a tough task.

Recently, a top actor developed flu-like symptoms and rushed back home. Shooting for the film in the meanwhile has been suspended, and will resume only after he is declared completely normal.

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