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Namitha spends birthday with grandpa

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image We don’t know how old Namitha is, but her grandfather is touching 80. With increasing number of film offers, she is so busy that she’s unable to go to her parents’ house even for her birthday.

“This year, you have to spend your birthday with me,” ordered her grandpa fondly, so Namitha took a flight to Mumbai day before yesterday. After 4 years, she celebrated her birthday with great joy with her grandfather and family members.

The numerous fan clubs all over Tamilnadu also celebrated Namitha’s birthday. In Chennai, the fan club manager Selvam and PRO John made good arrangements. Sweets were distributed to the orphaned children of Kaakum Karangal in Kodambakkam, noon lunch given and fireworks burst, to celebrate Namitha’s birthday,

In Pondicherry , 7 tuition centres have been established on Namitha’s behalf. Students, who can’t afford it, can take free tuition here. They will be taught by 7 voluntary teachers. They all came in a van to Chennai to wish Namitha for her birthday.

In Coimbatore ‘s Somayanur, about 72 students who take evening tuition have been given free school books and notebooks. Selvam and PRO John donated 3 computers to this tuition centre.

We also called Namitha to convey our birthday wishes.

“I last celebrated my birthday with my family in 2005. Because of continue shooting schedules, I have been celebrating my birthday on the sets itself. My grandpa is very fond of me. He told me that I definitely have to go to Mumbai this time. I could not say no to his request, so I put aside everything to come to Mumbai and celebrate my birthday here. This has been an unforgettable day in my life.

My friends and fan clubs have celebrated my birthday in a meaningful manner. I continue o do what I can to further the education of poor students.

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